Fire safety

Our legal responsibilities

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO), CityWest Homes is the Responsible Person for fire safety in communal areas of our residential blocks and is required by law to reduce the risk from fire as “far as reasonably practicable”. This means that CityWest Homes has a legal responsibility to ensure that our buildings are safe places to live and work in.

How do we ensure your safety?

  • Complete fire risk assessments in each individual block to identify the risk from fire
  • Complete health and safety and security block inspections to identify defects and housekeeping issues every month
  • Install, test and maintain fire detection in tenanted properties every year
  • Inspect secondary means of escape routes annually to ensure they are unobstructed and maintained
  • Install adequate fire precautions in buildings to ensure we reduce the risk from fire as far as practicable and meet best practice standards
  • Ensure fire doors, emergency lighting and other fire safety precautions we install in our buildings are tested and maintained
  • Ensure communal areas of buildings are kept clear of combustible items such as personal items and waste
  • Work closely with London Fire Brigade and endorse their free home safety visits to all new and existing residents.

What information do we provide tenants on fire safety?

All tenants, when they sign their tenancy agreement, are given information about

  • The fire action plan for your block (a copy is provided in your welcome pack). If you have misplaced this information you can request a new copy from your estate office
  • The fire safety features of your flat / maisonette including the location of fire detectors and how to test them and the location of any secondary means of escape route from your flat (if applicable)
  • The importance of maintaining the flat entrance door (fire door) and reporting defects
  • CityWest Homes’ policy on communal storage and what items you are permitted to place in the communal parts. Download our communal fire loading policy here

I'm a leaseholder, how do I find information about fire safety in my home / building?

As part of the conveyancing process, buyers should request information on the property’s fire safety precautions from the seller such as the provision of fire detection, internal fire doors and the location of any secondary means of escape routes

Please ensure that CityWest Homes' permission has been given for all alterations to the property, including the replacement of the flat fire door, and that all works conformed to the relevant statutory requirements, prior to purchase. It will be the current owner's liability to rectify substandard work.

Fire Action notices detailing what action to take in the event of fire are displayed in the main entrance of all blocks. Lessees can request a copy of their block's fire action plan from their local estate office.

Further information regarding fire safety can be found in the Lessee Handbook.

How can residents help us manage fire safety?

Please ensure that everyone in your household knows what action to take in the event of a fire in your home. Our booklet 'Preparing your household for emergencies' gives practical advice on how to plan for different emergencies.

Know your plan - get out if the fire is in your home or stay put if the fire is in your block but not near you

The London Fire Brigade's videos explain the 'Get Out, Stay Out' and 'Stay Put' policies operating in CityWest Homes properties.

You can also read their leaflet on when to get out and when to stay put here.

Important note: If you are living in a street property and there is a fire either in your home or the block of flats, get out and call 999. These properties are not built to enable you to stay put.

Other things you can do to protect yourself against fire

  • Test your fire alarm weekly. Download our 'How to test your fire alarm' leaflet here
  • Only store items such as a door mat and a small number of pot plants and wall-mounted glass-fronted pictures in communal areas outside your flat. Download our communal fire loading policy here
  • Allow our staff and contractors access to your property to test your fire alarms and inspect any secondary means of escape routes

Things to avoid

  • Do not obstruct any secondary means of escape route and ensure everyone in your home knows where it is and how to use it
  • Do not install additional locks or chains to either your front door or secondary means of escape door as they could prevent you escaping a fire
  • Do not make any alterations to your home without CityWest Homes' permission. You could affect the fire safety precautions within your home
  • Do not tamper with or vandalise any fire precautions, such as fire doors in communal areas

Call our repairs helpdesk on 0800 358 3783 if

  • There is damage to any part of the flat entrance door, frame, glazing and letterbox
  • There is damage to any part of the building
  • The smoke detector starts to beep, the battery needs replacing.

More information about fire safety

Download our leaflet for practical advice on how to prevent fires in the home here
Download our leaflet 'Fire safety for leaseholders’ here
Download our leaflet ‘Thinking of becoming a landlord’ about your legal duties if you want to sublet here

Further information on health and safety is included in our tenant and lessee handbooks.

Get a free home fire safety visit

The London Fire Brigade can visit you at home to offer advice on how to make your home safe. If you are leaseholder, they will fit a smoke alarm for free.

To request a free visit, you can call 08000 28 44 28, log on to or email

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