What is public liability?

Public liability insurance covers damage to third party property and personal injury arising through negligence / breach of duty.

For a claim to succeed, CityWest Homes must be shown to have been negligent, or in breach of its duty of care.

Stress or inconvenience is not claimable, unless there is a recognised psychiatric illness or actual financial loss.

Making a claim for personal injury or damage to property if you believe CityWest Homes is responsible

Our insurers are:

Aviva Insurance plc (Incident occurring after of 1 April 2014)

Zurich Municipal
Policy number: JHA-22S154-0013 (Incidents occurring prior to 1 April 2014)

To make a claim, please complete a claim form and give evidence of why you think CityWest Homes is responsible for your loss or injury.

Although something unfortunate may have happened, there is no automatic entitlement to compensation. What is alleged to have happened may not be our fault.

If our contractors cause an accident, for which they would be legally responsible, we will redirect the claim to them.

If you wish to discuss any issues relating to claims or to request a claim form, please contact the governance and company secretarial team on 020 7245 2049.

Tenant claims

If you are a tenant and your possessions are damaged, you should refer to your contents insurer in the first instance. For this reason CityWest Homes strongly recommends that every council housing tenant make their own arrangements for home contents insurance cover.

Further details can be found here.

Leaseholder buildings claims (residential leaseholders of CityWest Homes)

For leaseholder loss or damage to buildings e.g. damage from burst pipes to plasterwork in the premises, please click here.

Insurance claims for roads and footpaths

Claims can only be brought against CityWest Homes where a defect in our premises, or area for which we are responsible, is alleged to have caused loss, damage or injury.

CityWest Homes is not responsible for repair and maintenance of all roads and footpaths in Westminster. Many are the responsibility of Westminster City Council. If you are unsure who is responsible for a road or footpath please contact the Council on 020 7641 6000.

Insurance claims for public highways

For claims relating to the public highways, please redirect your claim to Westminster City Council.

For any other information in relation to public liability, please contact the governance and company secretarial team on 020 7245 2049.

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