Beware of bogus callers

We would like to warn residents about a group of bogus workman claiming to work for CityWest Homes and asking for money to carry out works.

A victim of this scam invited the bogus workmen into his home where he was assaulted. The resident is okay but a little shaken by his ordeal. The incident has been reported to the police.

Bogus callers sometimes pretend to be on official business from gas, electricity and water companies or the council. They may claim to be tradesmen or workmen calling to carry out urgent repairs

The reason they succeed is because they sound believable. Don’t be fooled. Treat every stranger with caution, ask for proof of identity and if you are not convinced don't let them in.

All CityWest Homes appointed contractors will make an appointment with you prior to visiting your home. All our contractors carry and will show you their ID. They will also wait whilst you verify their ID. They will not ask you for money to carry out work to your home.

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