Church Street estate in summertime spruce up

More than 25 volunteers from London Business School and CityWest Homes joined residents from the Church Street estate to give their courtyard a summertime spruce-up.

As the sun shone last Friday, the volunteers painted the planters inside the large courtyard at Medway House, off Penfold Street, an olive green colour (chosen by residents), giving the dull gray concrete a much smarter appearance.

Local resident Brendon Phillips (62) said: "Events like this brings everyone together. It’s been a good laugh, painting and meeting new people. It has also made the whole area look much better and brighter for everyone."

Another Church Street resident, June Bennett (52) who was passing by said: "Wow this has made a massive difference, thank you to all the volunteers, I hope that everyone will look after it and it lasts.”

A fully local affair, the day also brought a cake-baking competition with 14 delicious entries judged by the Marylebone Rotary Club. Play Makers were there to provide games for local children and will be in the neighbourhood for the next two Fridays (24 and 31 August).

One helpful resident, seeing the hard work going on, brought out trays of tea and coffee for the appreciative volunteers.

Katherine Evans, from London Business School, said: "Our office is nearby and we use the Church Street market and walk past the area. We wanted to do something to help out. It has been fun meeting some of the residents and hopefully will make a difference in the long-term.”

Ollie Akin-Fadeni, Church Street village manager for CityWest Homes, said: "It was great to have so many volunteers helping out and the response has been very positive. It’s also a starting point to find out what else residents want improved in the area and how we can help.”

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