CityWest Homes reclaims second family home using anti-squatting powers

Since the new anti-squatting eviction laws came into effect on 1 September 2012, CityWest Homes has been the first social housing provider to regain possession of two homes in Westminster.

On the 4 October CityWest Homes worked with Westminster City Council and the Police to take back a two bedroom flat on Tresham Crescent, Lisson Green estate.

The home had become vacant when the tenant was evicted. On the same day as the tenant left the property, a squatter broke in and illegally lived in the premises with his two dogs. CityWest Homes became aware of the situation the following day during an inspection to the property. They then contacted the Police who later made an arrest under the new anti-squatting laws.

Darren Levy, director of customer services, CityWest Homes said: “Despite coming into effect so recently, the new anti-squatters powers are proving an invaluable weapon in our arsenal against squatting. They have enabled us to act quickly, whilst saving a great deal of time and money.

CityWest Homes will take immediate action should any of our properties become illegally occupied.”

In the coming weeks, CityWest Homes are working to make the property habitable for new tenants as it sustained damage during the illegal occupancy.

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