CityWest Homes set to chop fuel bills by up to 30%

CityWest Homes managed estates are set to give a warm welcome to a new heating control device called Chop-Cloc. The innovative device has been designed to cut bills without the user needing to change their heating habits. It is set to provide residents with savings of up to 30% off their fuel bills.

The Chop-Cloc is the brainchild of sustainable innovator The Chopping Company, which is pioneering solutions for improving the affordability and efficiency of home heating. With fuel poverty high on the agenda, CityWest Homes has been seeking innovative new ways to help reduce bills for residents. The Chop-Cloc is the latest innovation to be snapped up.

The heating control device is attached to the central heating system. It then programmes the system to cut out for a set number of minutes each hour. This reduces the amount of energy used without the homeowner feeling any difference to the temperature - bringing savings which could rise as high as 30%.

Peter Armfield, sustainability manager, CityWest Homes, said: “This partnership provides a new way for us to tackle issues which really matter to us. With rising fuel bills causing concern for many of our residents, we’re putting fuel poverty at the top of our list. With potential savings for residents of up to 30%, we plan to install the Chop-Cloc with all new boilers installed on our estates over the coming year.

“While cutting bills is crucial, our priorities also lie with the rest of the planet. The technology will dramatically cut carbon emissions from Chop-Cloc installed properties, helping us to work towards a greener planet and more conscientious lifestyle.”

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