First energy benchmarking database created for homes

The structural data of all 12,000 tenanted homes across CityWest Homes has been pulled together to create a new database which accurately predicts the financial and environmental savings possible from carrying out improvement works to those homes.

The database is the brainchild of CityWest Homes sustainability manager Peter Armfield and sustainability experts, The Facility Consultants. This partnership carried out the research, with the aim of highlighting the effects of major expenditure and helping to develop effective strategies for carbon and energy consumption reductions.

Various pieces of information from each home was collected, such as determining which properties were double glazed, which were insulated and which had the latest boilers, and aligned this information with the energy consumption of each property.

Through completing the research, CityWest Homes are now able to reference the database which enables them to determine exactly how much energy could be saved by each environmental improvement to a specific property.

Peter Armfield, sustainability manager, CityWest Homes said: “This is the culmination of months of research, but it will prove to be incredibly helpful when we consider what energy efficiency measures we make in our homes. Of which there are over 1,200 different building types.

“It helps to know for certain where we can get the most bang for our buck, where our money can be used most efficiently to help cut energy usage, reducing our carbon footprint, and saving residents money off their fuel bills.

Oliver Schneider, managing director of The Facility Consultants said: “Building owners have a responsibility to reduce the impact of the built environment by reducing operational carbon emissions. It’s great to see a major housing provider take a proactive approach to genuinely tackling sustainability issues.

“These improvements will reduce energy bills for tenants; make the properties warmer and more comfortable to live in, whilst greatly increasing the lifespan of the buildings. Following this research, CityWest Homes will be in a position to become the country’s most pioneering housing provider in the area of carbon reduction.”

Darren Levy, director of customer services at CityWest Homes, said: “Government figures show that homes account for a sizeable percentage of emissions in the UK. By better understanding our housing stock we aim to lead the way with improvements to the energy efficiency of our homes and in turn saving money for our residents.”

The data collected also showed that energy efficiency measures made by CityWest Homes across its stock over the past two years has resulted in a decreased energy usage of 6,858,700 kWh/a and a reduction of 1,360,700 kgCO2 in emissions.

Financially, this translates to an estimated £583,000 saved in fuel bills.

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