Noise Action Week 22-27 May 2017

Noise Action Week (supported by the Environmental Protection UK) raises awarenes of noise problems and solutions to help cut the cost of noise to our health and well being, and the services called on to sort out noise issues.

Environmental health and anti-social behaviour professionals, housing providers, mediation services, community police and other voluntary groups are working in communities are encouraged to use this week to discuss and tackle noise issues.

This year, the campaign is asking people to 'turn it down' with some tips for reducing noise in the home to help you minimise disturbance or annoyance to neighbours and the rest of your household.

Noise is our biggest problem reported with around 37% of anti-social behaviour reports relating to noise. This reflects the national average.

You can find out more information on Noise Action Week here alonside tips on how to reduce noise in your home.

We also have advise on our website on how to report noise nuisance. Find out more here.

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