Olympic mural brightens Queen's Park

A brightly coloured Olympic mascot-inspired mural has been unveiled in Queen’s Park to commemorate the capital’s hosting of the 2012 Games.

Residents from the Queen’s Park estate were joined by volunteers from CityWest Homes and children from Wilberforce Primary School in creating the 10ft high artwork.

The mural features a range of sports including cycling, discus and pole vault, with Wenlock and Mandeville-inspired spectators bearing the flags of a number of nations from across the world.

Local resident Brian Okello was asked by CityWest Homes to design the mural, having previously created a similar artwork at the Mozart Garden on John Fearon Walk.

Attending the painting, Darren Levy, director of customer services at CityWest Homes, said:

“The message of the Games has been to ‘inspire a generation’ and here we have an artwork which will remind people for years to come of the fantastic summer of sport that we have had.

“It’s fitting how the mural bears the flags of nations from around the world which in a way reflects the diversity of the area.

“I’m delighted with how the artwork has turned out. It really brightens up the area and makes the estate a more attractive place for our residents to live.”

Pictured: The long wall in the Mozart playground on Lancefield Street. The painting of the mural, onto a plain rusty brown coloured wall, was part of a Leap into Action event, which is where the CityWest Homes staff, residents, and anyone else interested come out for one particular day to reinvigorate a specific area.

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