One month to go before London reveals its secrets

Hidden gems across the capital will once again unlock their doors to the public for Open House London. The annual event celebrates some of the more unusual historical sights in the capital, which are often closed to the public for most of the year. We are proud to announce that our very own Pimlico District Heating Undertaking (PDHU), the UK’s first combined heat and power network, will once again be one of them.

Built in 1950, PDHU was the first major initiative to combat London’s air pollution. In 1952, pollution was so bad that more than 4,000 Londoners died in that winter’s Great Smog.

Today, the PDHU provides thousands of homes and businesses with clean, sustainable energy. The network has a thermal store, a 41 metre tall tower, which contains 2,300 tonnes of water. Visitors can view the impressive engines used to power PDHU and climb up the tower for fantastic views of Westminster and the Thames.

The tours are free and will take place from 10am – 5pm on 21 and 22 September 2013. Simply arrive on the day, or contact Chris Richardson, energy strategy manager, CityWest Homes, on or 020 7245 2076 for further information. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes on the day and no loose clothing.

You can find out more about PDHU here. To find out what other gems are open during Open House London weekend, visit their website.

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