Possible disruption to TV reception

A new 4G service is being rolled out in the UK and will allow mobile access to the internet at super-fast speeds. However, the service might disrupt TV channels on Freeview for a small minority of people.

at800 is a company that has been tasked to ensure people continue to receive free-to air television. They have recently mailed postcards to some of our residents homes where the service will be activated in the coming weeks and months advising them of what to do if they experience any problems.

If you are are experiencing problems with your TV reception, please retune your TV set as this should rectify the problem. Where there is a continuous problem, CityWest Homes engineers will check the integrity of the TV aerial, but not TV sets in your home.

You can get in touch with at800 directly - their details will be on the postcard or you can find out more from their website.

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