Residents put a stop to ASB

In February 2014, the Marylebone estate team received complaints from residents of Slowley House, Hanson Street, about the behaviour of one of its other residents.

The allegations ranged from numerous visitors frequenting the property at all hours of the day and engaging in anti-social behaviour (ASB); namely, screaming and shouting, violent altercations both within the flat itself and the communal areas of the block and, the regular use of drugs.

Given the seriousness of the allegations, the matter was passed on to the central area ASB team to address. CityWest Homes arranged for Westminster’s Professional Witness Service (PWS) to support all the affected residents and the ASB team commenced with legal proceedings to take back possession of the flat.

On 15 April a possession hearing took place at the Inner London County Court. At the hearing, a possession order was granted; suspended on terms that the defendant would refrain from the alleged activities and conform to the terms of his tenancy agreement.

Westminster’s PWS conveyed the court outcome to residents however on 29 April further allegations of ASB involving the tenant were reported to CityWest Homes. Based on the evidence provided at the time, a request was made to the courts for an application to evict the tenant. This was subsequently granted and on 12 June staff from both the Marylebone estate team and the central ASB team visited the block, and alongside a bailiff and locksmiths, secured the property

Shaun Qureshi, ASB manager for the central area said:

“It was clear from the evidence that local residents were really suffering at the hands of the behaviour of one individual living within the block.

“What this eviction shows is that if residents are prepared to stand up for what is right then CityWest Homes and its partners, will use every tool available to address this type of behaviour and prevent it from occurring.

“My hat goes off to everyone in Slowley House. They have been both patient and brave in equal measure. Congratulations should also go to the estate team and ASB team in securing this eviction as I have never come across a case in all my years where outright possession has been secured in the period of four months.”

Kate Donovan, area manager for the central area said:

“My first thoughts go to the residents and I am really pleased to hear of this success as it means that residents of Slowley House can finally get on with their lives.

“We introduced new ASB officers into each area to work closely with the community to tackle and identify issues before they escalate. This eviction is another success for the team, who have done extremely well to address this problem in such a short space of time”.

You can report ASB in confidence to your local estate office or online here.

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