Satisfaction levels reach record high

Nine in ten council tenants and seven in ten leaseholders are satisfied with the services provided by CityWest Homes, highlighted in new figures released today.

The figures, verified by Ipsos Mori, set a new record high for satisfaction levels for Westminster City Council’s housing manager.

The survey found that satisfaction among tenants has increased by two points in the last year to 90% and by four points for leaseholders to 70%.

The figures represent a 19% increase in satisfaction for both tenant and leaseholder satisfaction since 2008.

The excellent results have been attributed to CityWest Homes’ local estate offices and dedicated teams helping residents with welfare changes, repairs, major works and dealing with anti-social behaviour, and greater engagement with residents.

Lessees’ satisfaction with their neighbourhood was the most significant increase in the survey, leaping six points to 89% satisfied. 88% of tenants are satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live.

Another positive result showed that most residents felt their home had a positive impact on their health, particularly those living in Soho, Pimlico and Grosvenor estates.

Andrea Luker, head of housing services at CityWest Homes, said: “We are committed to giving Westminster residents the best possible service.

“While the figures are great they are also an opportunity to reflect on how we can refine our service further to better meet residents’ needs. In particular, leaseholders want higher quality of major works and better value for money, and tenants want more measures to tackle anti-social behaviour, so our teams are already taking steps to improve those important areas.

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