Tune in - we're on the Cogeneration Channel

CityWest Homes has featured in a range of media over the years. Our latest appearance is even further afield than usual, with Italian based media outlet the Cogeneration Channel.

The film features David Wickersham, technical adviser, CityWest Homes and our Pimlico District Heating Undertaking (PDHU). Having featured on the BBC and ITV, PDHU is clearly reaching audiences much further afield.

Cogeneration Channel is a website which offers exclusive videos on cogeneration applications. These include the industrial and commercial sectors, greenhouses, special gases, biogas and district heating. In this four minute video, you can learn how PDHU has been a crucial tool in tackling fuel poverty and providing green energy to residents in Pimlico.

Watch the video here.

The debate continues - Green Sky Thinking

On 1 May, we held our first Green Sky Thinking Week event. Using PDHU as a case study, we debated the real issues affecting businesses connecting to low carbon heat networks in today’s world.

Open-City launched Green Sky Thinking four years ago to showcase innovative and practical solutions to greening buildings in London. PDHU’s debate, entitled 'Business attitudes towards district heating', was in the context of cross-sector participation and development of the urban landscape.

Professionals from a variety of backgrounds attended, including engineers and local authorities. Their diverse backgrounds only added to the discussion, with visitors from as far afield as Canada sharing their expertise.

Key debate highlights included:

• Duty and the need to protect residents
• Carbon credentials of heating networks
• Heat tariffs, standing and variable charges
• Need for local authority / private sector partnership
• Perception over controllability at network and local levels
• Control of NO2 at building and urban level.

Chris Richardson, energy strategy manager, CityWest Homes said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for us to explore the issues of connecting to a heat network like PDHU. The debate aimed to look at how district heating can address fuel poverty and pollution amongst other issues. The discussion heard from engineers, architects and local authority sustainability managers as to what they would like to see and also what considerations they take into account when connecting to heat networks.

“We have plans to extend PDHU services further afield in London and will continue to take part in events like this to demonstrate how PDHU is working to address the challenges that fuel poverty and pollution can bring to residents.”

A scheme such as PDHU will form an integral part of the Mayor of London’s target of producing 25% of London’s energy from local sources by 2025.

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