Tweeting live from the frontline as we leap into action

With nearly 600 followers and counting, CityWest Homes has been using Twitter and Facebook to reach out to residents. That’s why we launched our first ever ‘day in the life’ Twitter event in March, where we followed housing manager Repa Khan on the Soho and Covent Garden estate. Following the success of this event, we had another ‘day in the life’ on the 18 May 2012.

This time we followed our CityWest Homes handyperson team. Made up of four members, the team carry out a variety of indoor and outdoor work including painting, carpentry and plumbing. Since the team was formed over a year ago, they have had a hugely positive impact and on the 18 May they helped several residents and CityWest Homes staff to leap into action.

The team rolled up their sleeves to create a new children’s garden corner in Waldon House, Pimlico. Local residents leant a hand by purchasing and planting seeds such as strawberries, blackberries, herbs and chillies. Local children will now be able to look after and grow their own produce, learning first hand how to create a greener environment in the heart of the city.

Local resident Angelika Sugonajeva, has been helping with the project. She said: “We wanted to do this because we love flowers and wanted to get children involved. This garden will give them something to look after and help them learn about being green. We hope there’s something for everyone in the local community to enjoy, and we will be looking for ways to get them involved.”

The team also planted a variety of shrubs and gave a fresh lick of paint to the doors and benches.

Stewart, a member of the handyperson team, said: “Painting and decorating is one of the common jobs we do on CityWest Homes estates. It’s also really rewarding as residents tell us how much they like the work and what a difference it makes. The best part of our role is to be able to look back and see what a difference we’ve made.”

The handyperson team’s profile has been going from strength to strength. Last year, Stewart, Chris, Lee and Jamie even featured on TV, on Channel 5’s documentary ‘London: the inside story’.

CityWest Homes will be running another ‘day in the life’ Twitter event in July 2012. Follow us on Twitter @CityWestHomes to find out more.

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