Volunteers raise the roof for Soho

Residents and volunteers from CityWest Homes found common ground on 15 September, during an autumnal ‘leap into action’. The team of 24 worked hard to repaint and tidy the roof garden area at Dufours Place, Soho. The garden, which has made headlines in the past for attracting wildlife, has been a valuable home for nature in one of London’s thriving hotspots.

The team continued their work by tidying plant boxes and replacing plants. Thanks to their dedication, residents can now enjoy a burst of flowers and wildlife in the garden. One of the volunteers, Johanne Enright, a Dufours Place resident, said: “A big thank you for the work done on our communal garden. The members of staff who volunteered their services were wonderful and great fun.”

Marc Wolman, business transformation director, was one of the volunteers. On his first ‘leap into action’, he said: “Volunteering helps our neighbourhoods, because it’s all about community spirit. It was fantastic to see residents and staff working together to create something which everyone can enjoy. Green spaces have long since been recognised for their value to a community. They bring people together, and provide an area where they can take a break from the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest cities.

“Thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work. Their efforts through the day combined hard work with fun and the result has made a difference to the area.”

Rodney Pedroza, village manager, organised the leap. He said: “It was great to see so many people working towards the same goal. The result was simply amazing. Everyone was extremely pleased with the outcome.”

Well done to all the volunteers.

Get involved

Is there an area on our estates which you would like to see spruced up in a ‘leap into action’? Then please contact Lauren Apostolou, corporate social responsibility practitioner, on 020 7245 2518 or lapostolou@cwh.org.uk.

Photograph captions:
The team gets to work with a smile
Image 2: Johanne Enright, Dufours Place resident.

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