Wanted: Little Venice residents views

There are four telecommunications aerials on the Little Venice estate that generate income, which can be used on projects that will benefit the estate at no cost to residents.

As there are no formal resident groups in Little Venice, we are consulting Little Venice residents directly to help us decide how to spend the money.

Please give us your views on how we can benefit your estate on our online form here.

Previously, we have had suggestions to provide an outdoor gym, re-mark the parking bays on the estate, new secure bicycle storage, replacing playground equipment, employing a youth engagement worker and security works at Atherstone Court and Lapworth Courts.

The best projects are ones that physically benefit the communal areas of the estate or the environment, or provide a service to residents. Some examples are:

  • Environmental improvement work in the local area
  • Non-essential repairs or improvement work to common parts
  • Crime and disorder initiatives including security works and services including the installation ongoing maintenance of CCTV cameras
  • Estate events (note there is an annual limit of £5,000 to spend on events)
  • Funding for local community groups. Group users must be residents and the funding must be for a specific named project.
  • Staff resource for a CityWest Homes related activity such as youth engagement work
  • Buying assets for community groups to use.

The income can also be used to cover project maintenance costs. However, money cannot be used on any project that the council already has a legal obligation to provide such as repairs to individual properties or essential repairs to common parts.

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