Becoming a board member

Background information on appointment to our board

There are different processes to fill each of the three categories of members (resident, council and independent) of the board. Independent and resident board members retire automatically following a three year term which can be extended for a further term of upto three years. The board appointments are set out in detail in directors' letters of appointment. Directors do not have contracts of employment.

Resident board members
Residents must be a named tenant or lessee living in a Westminster City Council property. The current process for filling the resident places on the board is through a selection process. An advertisement for interested residents is placed in CityWest News and on the CityWest Homes website. All resident members must attend a formal interview with the appointments panel, who then make a recommendation to the board based on the suitability of the candidate. Applicants may not always be automatically invited for interview. Interviewees are selected by the appointments panel based on the strength of their application.

Council board members
Westminster City Council puts forward its four nominees to the board by a formal notice to CityWest Homes. The nominees may be ward councillors or council officers.

Independent board members
There are a variety of ways to bring independent members onto the board. Advertisements are placed in local and national newspapers, nominations may be received from agencies that we work with such as the Police, local community groups or recommendations made by people or organisations. All independent members must attend a formal interview with the appointments panel who make a decision on the suitability of the candidate.

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