Little Venice In the area

What amenities are there?

There are a number of local schools, shops, surgeries and other activities in the area.

Primary schools:

Edward Wilson Primary School, Senior Street, W2 5TL, 0207 641 4303

Our Lady of Dolours Primary School, Cirencester Street, W2 5SR, 0207 641 4326

St Mary Magdalene Primary School, Rowlington Road, W2 5TF 0207 289 2011

Secondary schools:

Paddington Academy, 56 Marylands Road, W9 2DR, 0207 479 3900

Westminster Academy, The Naim Dangoor Centre, 255 Harrow Road, W2 5EZ, 0207 121 0600

Doctor’s surgeries

Harrow Road Medical Centre, 209 Harrow Road, W2 5EH, 0207 286 1321


There are lots of local shops, bars, cafes and eateries within a short distance, and the Whiteley’s Shopping Centre is just a mile away in Bayswater.

Youth clubs

Amberley Youth Club, Millenium Centre, 11 Clearwell Drive, Amberley estate, W9 2JZ, 0207 286 1014

The Stowe Centre, 258 Harrow Road, W2 5ES, 0207 641 7747

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