Soho and Covent Garden staff listing

Housing manager

Neili, Karim

My name is Neili Karim and I am a housing manager at Soho and Covent Garden estate office. I deal with all aspects of housing management including dealing with housing transfers/mutual exchanges for tenants, successions, management of non dwellings, neighbourly disputes and take legal action where necessary. I also carry out estate inspections and mange the surgeries.

I'm responsible for the following blocks

  • Odhams Walk
  • Martlett Court
  • Siddons and Stirling
  • Ingestre Court

Email: Phone: 0800 353 3783

Housing manager

Repa Khan

Hello, my name is Repa Khan and I am a member of the Soho and Covent Garden Estate Office team. 

I  joined the team in June 2011 but have really enjoyed working with my colleagues and meeting lots of residents.

As a housing manager I come across a varied range of problems, queries and issues on a daily basis. These range from simple rent queries to anti-social behaviour problems and nuisance.

I am responsible for Dufours Place, Irving House, 47 Old Compton Street, 17 Berwick Street, Kemp House and City of Westminster dwellings.

Email: Phone: 0800 358 3783

Housing adviser

Tasnim Ahmed

My aim is to provide a high level of housing support to all of our residents. As housing advisor my role enables me to engage directly with residents regarding housing matters.

I manage all buildings in Marlett Court which include Fletcher, Beaumont and Sheridan buildings.

Email: Phone: 0207 245 2669
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