Resident Engagement Structure

Residents get involved with CityWest Homes via four area panels which are coordinated by a Residents' Council. These were created in July 2016.

Resident Area Panels

Residents on four Area Panels decide on a service area that they feel is important to themselves and other residents. They then examine the service area looking at performance, policies and procedures and ways to improve at meetings held four times per year. Each panel has chosen the following service area:

North Area Panel: fly-tipping

Central Area Panel: out of hours anti-social behaviour reporting

West Area Panel: Repairs processes

South Area Panel: Digital inclusion.

They also look at other issues during their meetings. Three panels (North, Central and West), have resident chairpersons. We are working closely with the South Area Panel to appoint a chairperson.

Want to access funds to improve your community?

The Resident Area Panels are also responsible for assessing Aerial Fund bids. The Aerial Fund grant is intended to improve the lives of CityWest Homes’ residents. To find out full details of the fund, and what criteria must be met to be successful, please download this document here. Once a bid is made, your local Resident Area Panel will take a vote on whether or not they would like to fund your idea. A majority vote will secure your proposed funding.

Residents' Council

The Residents' Council, made up of 12 residents, has a coordinating role taking oversight of all four area panels and will consider if recommendations from a particular area panel should be rolled out to the rest of the city. The Residents' Council reports to the CityWest Homes Board and meet four times per year.

Themed Service Review Groups

Residents' Council and Area Panel members also decide what issues affect all residents and explore this via Themed Service Review Groups. They have currently prioritised 'communications' and are using the service review group to be involved in the redevelopment of the CityWest Homes website. These groups decide when they need to meet and are made up of residents who have a particular interest in the theme.

This is what the CityWest Homes Resident Engagement Structure looks like:

Find out more about the CityWest Homes Resident Engagement Structure:

Background information

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Terms of reference and code of conduct documents

Find out more about each group here:

For more information about our resident engagement groups or if you would like to get involved, please contact Marc Whalley, Residents' Council and Area Panel Coordinator, on or 020 7245 2897.

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