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Welcome to the handyperson service.

The handyperson service is intended to target works that would not normally have enough priority to be completed when competing for funds from the day-to-day repairs budget. We aim for quick wins, high visual impact on and around our blocks and estates.

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The team carries out external and internal communal works on estates across the borough.
These works are normally works that would not be picked up under the repairs budget.
They offer a free handyperson service for all residents in Westminster who are aged over 60 or in receipt of a disability allowance. Carrying out jobs which can be done in a maximum of half a day, and you may use the service twice in any 12 months.
The first £50 of materials are free, but anything over this you will have to pay.
Type of jobs we can do include:

• Brick work repairs
• Shed / garages repairs and repaint
• Repaint parking bay lines
• Replace fencing
• Building planters
• Carpentry works
• Repair and varnish benches
• Repaint lobbies / stairwells etc.
• Graffiti removal
• Redecoration of community centers and halls
• Small tarmacking works.
Type of jobs they can do include:

• Minor repairs to stairs and floors
• Minor plumbing jobs
• Replacing broken windows or door handles and locks
• Fixing loose carpet
• Replacing light bulbs, plugs and fuses
• Small areas of tiling
• Fitting or replacing hand rails
• Re-hanging or adjusting doors
• Fitting grab rails.

Jobs we can’t do:

In-flat works, electrical and gas related works and gardening works.

Jobs they can’t do:

Internal and external decoration, gardening, works to a gas / water / electric appliance or supply.
How to contact?

Contact your local estate office or telephone Michael Melpous, Estate Services and Handyperson Manager, 020 7245 2117.
How to contact?

Telephone 020 7641 8959 to book an appointment.
Find out more on Westminster's website.

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