Question 1: Who can use the pest control service?
Answer: CityWest Homes provide pest control services to tenants and leaseholders. The service also covers non-dwellings such as sheds, garages and community halls.

Question 2: What do I do if I see a pest in the communal area?
Answer: Report it immediately to pest control on 0800 015 3514.

Question 3: My neighbour has an infestation but wont report it what should I do?
Answer: Report it to your local estate office.

Question 4: Who is responsible for ‘in property’ proofing works?
Answer: Leaseholders are responsible for financing and sourcing a contractor to carrying out any proofing recommendations made.
CityWest Homes pay for and carry out the work within tenanted properties.

Question 5: Do I have to pay for proofing works in my flat?
Answer: Tenant of CityWest Homes do not have to pay. Your rent / service charge cover the cost.

Question 6: As a leaseholder how am I billed for this service
Answer: If you are a CityWest Homes leaseholder you are responsible for sourcing a contractor and paying for any proofing works inside your property.

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