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Company | 12 documents

Making an impact across Westminster .pdf 4 MB View file

Welfare reform strategy June 2016 .pdf 319 KB View file

Sustainability statement July 2013 .pdf 375 KB View file

Customer Satisfaction Info graphic 2016 - Leaseholder .pdf 1 MB View file

CWH Digital Inclusion Strategy .pdf 399 KB View file

Annual report for residents 2016 .pdf 1 MB View file

Complaints Policy 2016

Single equalities scheme 2015/16 .pdf 897 KB View file

Customer Satisfaction Info graphic 2016 - Tenants .pdf 1 MB View file

Annual report for residents 2015 .pdf 3 MB View file

CityWest Homes Strategy 2015-2020 .pdf 1 MB View file

Statement of policies and procedures on tackling anti-social behaviour .doc 515 KB View file

Advice | 22 documents

New ways to contact CityWest Homes 2017 .pdf 589 KB View file

Major works and how they affect you .pdf 445 KB View file

Asbestos guide for residents 2016 .pdf 1006 KB View file

Maintenance and building solutions .pdf 154 KB View file

Preparing your household for emergencies .pdf 2 MB View file

Condensation advice .pdf 722 KB View file

Leaseholder fire safety May 2017 .pdf 990 KB View file

Lessee handbook 2017 .pdf 1 MB View file

Setting up a Residents\' Association .pdf 298 KB View file

Laminate flooring .pdf 547 KB View file

Looking for a home .pdf 292 KB View file

Home contents insurance .pdf 765 KB View file

Cash incentive scheme .pdf 310 KB View file

Electrical safety

CityWest Homes - Prevent a fire .pdf 93 KB View file

A guide to major works .pdf 31 KB View file

A guide to fire doorsets

Dont feed the pigeons .pdf 2 MB View file

Keeping a dog in your flat .pdf 188 KB View file

Welfare reform .pdf 631 KB View file

Tenant Handbook March 2017 .pdf 346 KB View file

Do a little save a lot .pdf 3 MB View file

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Lessee newsletter March 2017 .pdf 117 KB View file