Mediation is a step-by-step process that gives people an opportunity to resolve problems with neighbours by talking confidentially to an independent professional mediator.

It helps people to find their own solutions to disputes and in some cases to work out an agreement. You may not want to take up mediation because you do not want to meet with your neighbour or because you feel that the dispute is not your fault. However, the mediator can help you understand what the issues are and what choices there are for you to improve things.

Mediation can help sort out disputes about:

• noise
• children
• boundaries
• rubbish
• parking
• harassment

The estate office may ask you if you will agree to be referred for mediation, or alternatively you can ask the estate office to be referred.

Once the mediation has started, no specific details of the discussions will be shared with the estate office. For further information on mediation please read our mediation leaflet.

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