We want everyone to be a "good neighbour". This means accepting a certain level of day to day noise and being tolerant of other people's lifestyles. It also means thinking about how behaviour affects other people.

If a neighbour is making unreasonable noise try talking to them first. They may not even realise their behaviour is upsetting anyone. Many problems can be sorted out quickly in this way.

If you do not feel happy doing this you could try writing a polite letter to them explaining how the problem is affecting you and what you think a reasonable compromise might be. Remember to be friendly, polite and calm.

Alternatively ask at the estate office for a “Dear neighbour” card. You can fill this in and drop it off anonymously to a neighbour if you feel they have caused a disturbance.

Our estate offices can help in other ways. They will do their best to respond quickly - within 20 minutes if the problem is actually going on at the time and within 24 hours in all other cases. They will take all reasonable steps to try and resolve the problem.

We usually resolve most cases quickly by speaking to the resident causing the problem.

You can also call the city council's 24 hour noise team on 020 7641 2000 especially if the problem is outside office hours.

They provide a 24 hour service and aim to respond to all calls within 45 minutes. The noise team has powers to serve legal notices, to get warrants and to seize amplifiers and loudspeakers. They publish a leaflet called "Don't Suffer in Silence" available at your estate office.

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