Reporting anti-social behaviour

Reporting anti-social behaviour

In an emergency

Always dial


If you do not need an emergency response from the police

Dial the police non emergency number



Contact Crimestoppers to report crime anonymously

0800 555 111

Noise team

If you have a noise complaint the team will aim to respond within 45 minutes.

020 7641 2000

Your local estate office in person or by phone or letter

The office will aim to respond within 20 minutes if the problem is going on at the time you call. In all other cases they will respond within 24 hours.


Please fill in our online reporting form below. We will respond on the next working day.

By text message

Save this number to your contacts - 07781 472 634. We will respond on the next working day.

07781 472 634

Emergency link office

If you are experiencing problems outside office hours. They will either contact the police or the noise team or the duty officer to attend.

020 7286 7412

Report anti-social behaviour online

If someone is behaving anti-socially we need to take action quickly. To do this we need evidence. You can help by completing this online form and pressing the 'submit' button.

Please note that any information you provide on this form may be shared with the police and other agencies in order to help or prevent crime. This will be done in strict confidence without revealing your identity. Also, your information will not be used in legal proceedings without your permission.

Anti-social behaviour

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