What can you expect from your estate office?

Most people look after their homes and are considerate towards their neighbours. However a minority of people do not act responsibly and unfortunately the actions of a few people can seriously affect the quality of life for other residents.

We take all reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and nuisance seriously and have developed a wide range of tools to deal with it. In serious cases, such as racial harassment, violence or drug dealing, we can take legal action to evict those responsible from their homes.

Nuisance and the tenancy and lease conditions
There are clauses in the tenancy or lease explaining your responsibilities and what type of behaviour we will not tolerate on our estates.

Please ensure that you or members of your household, including visitors, do not do anything that is likely to cause a nuisance or annoy someone else.

What can we do?
If you report a problem that is ongoing at the time it is taking place then we will aim to respond within 20 minutes. Otherwise we will respond within 24 hours.

We will investigate all complaints of nuisance or harassment, draw up an action plan and do all we can to deal with each problem in the most appropriate way.

In an emergency please telephone the Police on 999.

Possible action
There is no single solution to nuisance problems. Where possible we will try to resolve it as soon as we can. Otherwise we will use a range of tools to tackle persistent problems including mediation and working with other agencies such as the Police and Westminster City Council.

Detailed information on possible action can be found in the leaflet 'resolving problems with your neighbours'.

Legal action
In serious cases, we take enforcement action using our legal powers.

Using these powers, we can evict people from their homes. We need strong evidence to be able to do this and it is up to the court to decide whether or not to make a possession order.

We can also apply to the court for a demotion order if a tenant, another resident of or visitor to the tenant's home has caused a nuisance. If we obtain a demotion order the tenant temporarily loses their security of tenure and many rights, including the right to buy.

We have powers to get injunctions to stop nuisance. If the person responsible for the nuisance breaks this order, they could be sent to prison or have to pay a fine.

We work with the council to apply for Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) against anyone aged over ten years to stop persistent and serious ASB. If the terms of an ASBO are broken it is a criminal offence.

Legal action can take a long time. We understand it can be very difficult living with nuisance while waiting for legal action to be completed.

Estate offices can provide a range of support to help you cope with the problem. Each office has an ASB champion trained to deal with nuisance problems and help you through the process.

You can also find more information about nuisance and ASB in the tenants' handbook or leaseholders' handbook or by contacting your estate office.

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