If you want to carry out alterations and improvements to your home, please get our written permission before you proceed.

The following work requires permission (please note this list is not exhaustive)

  • Works affecting the structure of the building
  • Works affecting any services to the property, for example, electrics, gas, drainage, water
  • Installation of central heating / replacement of boiler
  • Any change to the internal layout of your property
  • Erection of a conservatory
  • Rewiring
  • New kitchens and bathrooms where it is not a like-for-like replacement
  • Changing or removing any internal doors
  • Asbestos removal - please read our guide on asbestos here for further advice.

Some work doesn’t require our permission such as:

  • The installation of a satellite dish - needs approval from the estate office and Westminster City Council’s planning department
  • Changing your flat entrance door - also needs approval from the estate office
  • Fitting wooden floors - by law, you must also lay down sound insulation. There is specific advice regarding laying flooring here
  • Replacing kitchen and bathroom units - as long as it does not include gas and electrical works or work to the drainage.

What will happen if I don't apply for permission?

You will be breaking the terms of your lease and we could take legal action against you. This will stop any further works and make you amend any unacceptable alterations.

You will also be liable for our legal costs.

Making an application for permission

Please complete the alterations application form and send it to us.

Once your application is received, we will advise you on progress and any conditions that may apply.

There is an initial fee of £400 to process the application. Our surveyor charges £90 per hour and we will charge for any additional time required. Other fees include £300 legal fee for licence for alterations.

Along with your application form and £400, we ask that you provide floor plans of the current layout, floor plans of proposed layout and public liability insurance provided by your contractor carrying out the works. The insurance policy must cover no less than £2million.

We will advise if you need to get other building regulations or planning permission, or approval from regulatory bodies.

In some circumstances, other residents in the block or building will be consulted about your proposals.

Please also note that in regard to this application, CityWest Homes acts on behalf of Westminster City Council as landlord and not in its capacity as a planning authority or any other capacity. You may need to obtain separate consents if such apply.

What if Westminster City Council isn't the freeholder of my block?

A separate application for approval should be made to the freeholder. We submit all applications to the freeholder on your behalf. Please contact Leasehold Operations to discuss as fees and requirements can vary depending on who the freeholder is.

Where can I get advice?

If you are unsure about who you need to talk to about landlord’s consent, contact us on 020 7245 2106 or email

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