Home Ownership

Westminster is one of the most expensive areas of the country in which to buy a home.

CityWest Homes can help some of our eligible tenants to become home owners through the Right to Buy Scheme and other similar schemes for purchasing the council home you rent.

Westminster City Council also offers a home ownership service for all residents in the borough who want to find out more about the types of affordable home ownership schemes that are available (such as Shared Ownership and Home Buy products).

For more information qbout the range of home ownership options, please visit the Homeownership Westminster website for contact details and an application form.

CityWest Homes and our partner housing associations run a number of schemes. For further information on a particular scheme please see links below:

  • Right to Buy - for secure Westminster City Council (WCC) tenants who want to buy their current home.
  • Discretionary Scheme - for secure WCC tenants who want to buy their current home, but have been tenants for less than two years (five years if you became a tenant after 17 January 2005).
  • Flexible Ownership (part-buy, part-rent) - for secure WCC tenants who want to buy their current home in stages.
  • Shared Ownership (part-buy, part-rent) - for residents of Westminster.
  • Homebuy - for residents of Westminster who want to buy a property on the open market.

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