Getting involved

There are two main ways for leaseholders to get involved in the management of their home.

Key lessees

CityWest Homes works with nearly 200 key lessees across the city to help us get bills right.

A key lessee works on behalf of all the residents in their block or estate. They check detailed billing information about their block or estate, including communal repairs, so that any questions are resolved before the accounts are sent out in September. There are no meetings and no training is needed.

If you would be interested in volunteering for this vital role, email us on or call 020 7245 2099 (north and west areas) or 020 7245 2097 (south and central areas).

CityWest Homes Resident Engagement Structure

Residents are driving change by identifying their own areas for review, rather than just responding and commenting on ideas from CityWest Homes.

The Residents’ Council

The residents councils comprises 16 residents whose purpose is to provide a CityWest Homes wide forum for an effective and constructive dialogue between residents and the CityWest Homes Board in a spirit of partnership, so that the board’s strategic decisions may take residents’ views into account.

The resident council members stand for three years, and all residents have the opportunity to be appointed with recruitment events held in January each year.

Residents’ Area Panel

Your local panel is one of four covering all of Westminster, and their primary purpose will be to make recommendations about service delivery and advise the Board through the residents’ council.

The residents’ area panel members also stand for three years, and again residents have the opportunity to be appointed with recruitment events held in January each year.

Themed Service Review Group

These groups invite wider resident involvement through the use of a range of methods to gain feedback from residents including electronic surveys, discussion groups and mystery shopping. The number and nature of the themed service review groups will be decided and prioritised by the residents’ council at the start of each year.

There are many other ways for leaseholders to have an input through:

• Focus groups (e.g. repairs and major works relet project)
• Surveys
• Major works consultation
• Individual suggestions for improvement
• Sounding Boards
• Residents’ Associations.

More information can be found here or email

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