Right to buy

Right to Buy is a scheme where secure council tenants can apply to buy the property they live in.

Properties are valued at current market prices. Most properties are offered for sale at a lower price because the tenant qualifies for a discount, which is calculated on a scale according to the length of tenancy. As of 6 April 2017, it is set at a maximum of £104,900 for new applicants.

Who qualifies?

Most secure tenants of Westminster City Council, who have been tenants for at least three years. Previous tenancies, and tenancies with other councils and housing associations, usually count.

How does the scheme work?

You apply to buy your home by filling in an application form. We will confirm in writing if you have the Right to Buy. If you do, the property will be valued and we'll send you an offer of sale. You have three months to decide if you wish to buy your home.

How do I apply?

Download and complete both the application form and anti-money laundering declaration form, below. Please return these to us by email or post. Both forms must be completed.
1. Download the application form here
2. Download the anti-money laundering form here.

For more information

You can also download the following guides:
Download here: 'Your right to buy your home'
Download here: 'Right to Buy summary booklet'.

Or contact us for more information and advice on 020 7245 2106 or lesseefrontline@cwh.org.uk.


There are private companies and individuals who offer to help tenants buy their homes. You may not receive good advice from them and could even end up becoming homeless.

Companies and individuals offering help

Sometimes you may be asked to pay for things that you can get for free. We are here to help you and our advice costs nothing. Free services include:

  • We will provide an application form and help you fill it in
  • We will explain how the sales process works and answer your questions
  • We will give you information about how to find a solicitor
  • Banks and building societies will also offer free mortgage advice.

Companies and individuals offering money

Sometimes companies or individuals offer tenants money if the tenant agrees to a deal where the company ends up owning the property. If you enter into this type of agreement:

  • Before you buy your property, you will have to repay the discount as soon as you buy it
  • After you buy your property, you will have to repay discount as soon as you make the agreement
  • The money you make is unlikely to be enough to buy another home and the council will not give you another property to rent.

Please think very carefully before using one of these companies or individuals. Ask yourself 'what is in it for them?'. They may be suggesting that you do something which benefits them, not you. Do not sign anything that you are not entirely clear about or happy with.

Some tenants have become homeless after agreeing to deals like this. It is very important that you get independent legal advice from your own solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau, before you enter into such an agreement.

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