Improving your home

We're happy for you to adapt your home so that it meets your own needs. However, you must take these steps before making any changes:

  1. Write to your local estate office asking for permission before you carry out any alterations or improvements
  2. Give full details of your plans
  3. Wait for permission before starting any work
  4. Tell us if you change your original plans and wait for further permission before proceeding
  5. Tell us when you have finished so we can arrange an inspection
  6. Make sure you follow our health and safety advice below
  7. Do not carry out repairs that will cause noise to neighbours outside normal weekday working hours or after 1pm on Saturdays or Sundays
  8. Obtain special permission if your home is a listed building before starting any work – your housing officer will tell you if this applies to you
  9. Check if you need planning permission or other approval before you start and apply for permission where required
  10. Check the tenants’ handbook for full details of your rights and responsibilities before making any changes

If you have carried out improvements with our permission and want to move, you may be able to claim compensation under the Government’s 'Compensation for improvements' scheme.

If you want to move and have made improvements without permission you may be required to re-instate the property to its original condition. If you don’t you may be recharged for any changes you have made.

Health and safety

  • Some items are fitted for your safety and must therefore
  • not be removed – for example door closers fitted for fire safety; special locks
  • fitted on secondary means of escape doors, window restrictors, vents, smoke
  • detectors/ back-up batteries, safety signs
  • be replaced to current safety standards – e.g. replacement doors must meet fire safety standards; any glass you replace must meet current safety standards; any changes to doors or landlord fittings

Remember to

  • Use properly qualified tradesman
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions such as maintenance and testing of smoke alarms
  • Fllow safety instructions auch as when using chemicals or power tools
  • Be aware of any asbestos identified in your home before starting any improvement work. If you have lost this information that we sent to you, ask your estate office for up-to-date records for your property.

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