Moving home

Swap your home

The mutual exchange scheme helps tenants to swap homes. Exchanges can be made with another council or registered social landlord tenant.

To move, tenants need to register with HomeSwapper. This free online service enables tenants to -

  • register the details of their property
  • specify where they would like to move to
  • search for swaps in their area.

Over 244,000 homes are available and 9 out of 10 members get exchange matches within 24 hours.

Register for HomeSwapper here.

Tenants who owe us rent or other money will have to clear any arrears before we approve their request to move. Introductory tenants can only exchange in certain circumstances, which their housing officer will explain. We may refuse a mutual exchange application if action is being taken against a tenant or a member of their household for anti-social behaviour.

housingmoves is the Mayor of London’s scheme to help social tenants in London relocate to other parts of the capital. All council tenants can apply, as long as they have a secure tenancy. Priority is given to -

  • people who have more bedrooms than they need and want to downsize

  • people in work or training

  • people who want to move to give care.

housingmoves is a choice based lettings scheme. This means that once tenants have registered, they can see details of all available properties on the housingmoves website and can express an interest in the ones that would suit them.

Register for housingmoves here. We will check your application before you can express an interest in properties.

The Mayor of London also runs a scheme called Seaside & Country Homes, to help London tenants who are aged 60 and over to move to the seaside or countryside.

Home connections

Choice Based Lettings (CBL) is a scheme run by Westminster City Council and has been operating since November 2004. CBL is provided by Home Connections and eligible applicants can choose where they want to live by bidding for advertised properties.

For more information about Choice Based Lettings check out the home connections website or contact Housing Options on 020 7641 1000 (Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00, except bank holidays).

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